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5 Best Places to visit in Austria

Posted on 02 January 2018 by admin (0)

Austria globally renowned for its amazing capital Vienna and the gothic culture of the European country. Positioned far north in the Alps and fairly close to Santa’s lair is a famous destination for vacationers form all around the world. Austria holds great endeavors for skiing buffs, mountain walkers and art connoisseurs. Some of the oldest and most classical pieces of art, texts and music are the heritage of this prospering country, namely Mozart. Here is a look at some of the best places that are a must visit in Austria:

1. Bad Gastein

An Austrian spa town located in the center of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The gothic city that is illustrious for its mountainous terrains that offer an Instagram worthy backdrop. About three thousand feet beyond sea level, vacationers come to Bad Gustein for many reasons. The Belle Epoque architectural manner of the town are a majestic specimen of classical art, stretching down the uneven terrain and a high altitude with no mist at all, it’s completely unique.

2. Worthersee

A splendid summer destination in the principal lake of Carinthia, Worthersee. A widely loved sport is to take a ride in the canoe to cross the majestic lake that provides not only a beautiful view but also a great opportunity for spelunking in the Austrian grottos. The Griffen Stalactite Cave is the most colorful grotto of Austria. Worthersee has been considered the Monte Carlo of Austria ever since the tourism has exploded in this region. Gmund in Worthersee was the place where Porsche was first originated, there is a fair chance to see some really cool cars passing by you.

3. Graz

Graz, located in the southern region of Austria is the scholar’s mecca. It is an urban cosmopolitan that inhabits more than six colleges that are enrolling more than forty-five thousand students at once. It is definitely one of the best places for youngsters to visit, the nightlife in Graz is one for the books. The city is an amalgamation of scrumptious gastronomic delights as people visiting internationally just love to have a bite of the street food. The city’s museum displays the art, culture, history and artillery exhibits that showcase the ancient Balkan and Italian influences.

4. Krems

Krems an der Donao, one of the larger cities of Austria located in the lower region of the country. From the Gate of Steiner Tor that was constructed in the 15th century to the Gottweig Abbey and Weinstadmuseum that is notorious for holding a wine absorbed arts center. Definitely worth a visit for an ethereal wine tasting experience. Travelers from far away come to this part of the Wachau Valley, which itself has the Danube River running at its heart and home to rare Austrian fruits such as apricot and the best produced wine in the area.

5. Schafberg

Schafberg is one peculiar peak of the Salzkammergut mountain range. This peak stands atop the shore of the Wolfgangesee, poised on the hill you can see the resplendent view of the sea. The breathtaking view and wilderness comfort together provide an exuberating journey which is also really accessible due to the Schafbergbahn railway that leads to the hill and a really convenient hotel sits atop there, in case you are not in the mood for a camping adventure.